Crossy Road Hack Tool – Cheats for Unlimited Coins 2016

crossy road hacked with inifinite coins

Recently updated is the most powerful Crossy Road hack that actually works! Newly refreshed in March 2016, this latest release version can generate unlimited coins on demand.

Getting free coins have never been easier with the Crossy Road cheats! You’ve worked hard to earn your coins and you deserve every single one of them. However, we all know how slowly draining it can be to get those coins and extra lives. Watching all those annoying video ads? Yikes! Who has time for all that?

Released last year, Crossy Road by the Endless Arcade Hopper is going strong and growing more popular than ever. Inspired by an old-school game called Frogger, Crossy Road is a fun and addicting mobile game that can suck your time dry for hours on end. Dodging obstacles and jumping through various moving platforms, all trying to prevent from getting splattered! If you want the working Crossy Road hack tool with no survey required and get unlimited coins, then this tool will blow your mind.

crossy road hack tool 2015

Crossy Road coin generator requires no rooting your Android or jailbreaking your iOS device to work. The tool interacts directly with the game server and only thing you need it the browser you are reading this article on. It’s pretty self-explanatory once you see it but if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us!

Newly Updated – Disney Crossy Road Cheats  for Coins

Crossy Road was a smash hit for smartphone gaming and Disney has taken notice. By mixing the game play elements of Crossy Road with Disney characters, they’ve created a whole new experience for both the fans of Disney and Crossy Road.

The online coin gen has been updated in 2016 to be compatible with this newly released game. Disney Crossy Road hack can be used to get unlimited coins.

Get Unlimited Resources with Crossy Road Coin Cheats

One of the most fun part of playing this crazy game is all the mystery secret characters you can unlock along the way. Cool thing about the unlocked secret characters is that there are new ones being released regularly to keep things interesting.

Here are some of the most popular character that we all know about the ‘Hipster Whale.’ There are also Gifty, Crab, Drop Bear, Cai Shen, Andy Sum, Ben Weatherall and Matt Hall (last 3 are all game developers). If you want to learn how to unlock all the secret characters in Crossy Road, watch this excellent tutorial to do so.

But…if you are lazy like me, then you would be happy to hear that cheats for Crossy Road has a solution for this.

Simply check the ‘Unlock All Secret Characters’ option and after the hacking process has been applied, you can check your game and see that all the characters have been unlocked.

Download Crossy Road Hack APK for Your Android Device with No Survey

If you are playing Crossy Road on an Android platform then this APK will get you modding the game in no time for free coins. I installed the Crossy Road hack apk on my Nexus 5 and was able to get unlimited money with just a few touch of a button.

Here is the direct link to Crossy Road APK free download.

To install the Crossy Road apk v1.0.0 to your Android phone or tablet, here is how:

1) Download the APK file first
2) Extract the file (use winrar or 7zip)
3) Go to your device’s menu then activate ‘Unknown Sources’ under Settings -> Applications
4) Transfer the Crossy Road mod apk file to: /SDCARD /ANDROID /DATA
5) Install the APk.

That’s it! Easy right!

We are looking for a good solution for iOS users without jailbreaking their phone. We will soon be releasing Crossy Road coin generator that will utilize ifunbox and cydia in May of 2015.


Crossy Road Coins Hack Tool Can Also Unlock All Mystery Secret Characters

rare mystery character hipster whale

The new feature that we are most excited about the new Crossy Road coins hack tool is ability to unlock all the hidden and secret characters in the game. This simple one click solution is the best Crossy Road hacker you can find currently.

Unlocking characters on Crossy Road is one of the many fun features of the game that makes you coming back for more, time after time. How about using the Crossy Road character cheats to unlock all mystery secret characters? Now you can easily do that with this hacking program which has an option you can check to instantly unlock all mystery characters including new ones into playable characters.

There are new mystery characters you can discover and unlock regularly and the developer, Hipster Whale, is fantastic when it comes to introducing fun new characters to play the game with.
Hipster Whale: Really rare character (I’ve only seen him twice during hundreds of hours of playing!) that appears in the river. Just jump on top of him to unlock!

unlock drop bearDrop Bear: Found resting on a tree, this is a random character that will take some time to unlock. All you have to do is get near the drop bear and he will drop on you, then instantly kill you. But that’s how you get access to this magnificent Aussie creature of mythical proportion.

unlock crabCrab: You already have to have an Australian animal in your collection. Play with the animal and once in the game, just swipe like mad left and right. Keep doing it and you will get the crab.

Andy Sum: One of the three creators of the game, you can unlock Andy when you play as the Mallard and get a new high score.

Ben Weatherall: Yet another developer, you can unlock Ben by playing with the Dark Lord and scoring a new high.

Matt Hall: Another developer of Crossy Road, unlock him by getting a high score with the Lucky Cat.

unlock all the human characters

Gifty: Pick Festive Chicken and look for a Christmas Tree. Can take a long time to find and unlock.

Cai Shen: Play as Fortune Chicken or Xi (or any other Chinese New Year characters) and collect 21 red envelopes.

As you can see, using the traditional way of unlocking characters on Crossy Road takes a lot of luck, trials and errors and time. It’s all part of the game and for fun but if you are obsessed with unlocking the secret characters then the Crossy Road character cheats is the best way to get it done.